Trillium Resort and Spa; Muskoka Ontario - Pamper yourself at Trillium SpaTrillium Resort and Spa; Muskoka Ontario - Pamper yourself at Trillium Spa
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Spa Etiquette


To help you know what to expect and feel at ease, we have put together a few tips to spa like a pro. For any further unanswered questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact the spa; our professional therapists will be happy to offer additional guidance.

Should I take any special precautions?
Once you arrive at Trillium Spa, you will be greeted by our spa concierge. A health history form will be given to you to complete. Your designated spa therapists will consult with you on your health history to determine the appropriateness of the services chosen. Adjustments are made to accommodate allergies, past and present injuries or any physical conditions.

What do I need to bring?
The spa will provide you with a robe, sandals, towels and a personal locker for your use during your visit. Please bring your swim attire if you want to use the unisex steam room.

What shouldn’t I bring?
Smoking is prohibited in the spa building. Out of respect to other guests and to ensure a peaceful atmosphere for all, we also ask that you please refrain from cell phone use while in the spa.

Do I have a choice of male or female therapists?
Please state your preference at the time of reservation. (Based on availability)

When should I arrive for my appointment?
Always arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow you time to complete the health history form, change into your robe and enjoy a few moments of calm. Keep in mind that should you arrive late, the appointment will still be completed as scheduled in consideration of the next guest.

There are so many services, how do I know which one to choose?
If you are conservative by nature, try a service such as a facial, pedicure or reflexology to start. It’s an excellent way of judging how you feel about the quality of service you receive. Chances are you will feel comfortable enough to try a full body massage or body therapy at your following visit. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish on our services at the time of booking.

Do I have to take all my clothes off?
Do whatever makes you most comfortable. The therapists use professional draping techniques to ensure your privacy at all times and only expose the area to be worked upon.

Can I talk during a massage or similar service?
You can be silent or quietly talkative during your service. The therapist will follow your lead. During your service feel free to speak up on anything you would like different. Your comfort is the most important thing and your therapist is there for you.

What’s coming next?
The therapist will outline the procedures before the start. If you have any questions during the service, simply ask. After your service please be courteous of the next guest and vacate the room in a timely manner. Our spa has a relaxation area for guests to enjoy after their services.

What about gratuities?
Gratuities are not included in our prices. Tipping is entirely at your discretion according to your experience and desire. If you were given a gift certificate, ask if the tip was included.

Please contact us for more information.

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